Commercial Video Uploader

Node.JS SASS Electron

Created a desktop application using Electron which allowed users to select a video, thumbnail and input metadata about a video, press an “upload” button which would trigger transcoding of the video and later down the line a page on the company website being created with the user’s inputted data. The application detects whether you’re on..



FFAStrans is a niche piece of software aimed at broadcasters for automatic transcoding of media files. It supports drop folders, HTTP requests and FTP, amongst other features. The API isn’t well documented, however I made a “web front end” for it, which allowed the user from a web browser to add a media file to..

Socket.IO Quiz

Node.JS Socket.IO

I created a quiz application using for two teams to play against each other, designed to be used in a real world scenario where teams are in the same room.

OSTicket Theme Overhaul


OSTicket is used to log IT support tickets across the company, however the default styling of the system is very outdated. I redesigned the ticket system, and introduced a feature whereby the IT team get notified via Slack when a new ticket has been submitted with a summary of the ticket, and who sent it.

Version Checker

Node.JS SASS Electron

Desktop application to check the version of various packages and assets used on a daily basis by video journalists in the company. This ensures that there is consistency across all the offices in the country.

Video Package Uploader

Node.JS SASS Electron

Desktop application created using Electron that allowed users to select a video package they had filmed & edited, then select their city, package type and date of broadcast. The user then presses “upload”, where the program detects whether the user is on the company network or not, and uploads the video to be transcoded either..

WK2018 WP Theme


The current WordPress theme for this website, made with assistance from materializecss.