Creating a pure CSS BB-8

Intro I was watching a talk on making CSS your “super secret drawing tool” by Wenting Zhang and had a play with her site CSS Icon. Some parts are a bit rough around the edges, but I thought it was really cool. And thought “how hard can it be?”. I also remembered watching DevTips’ BB-8..

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SVG & D3.js to create television graphics

Intro Television graphics can be created in many ways, including using SVG and JavaScript and JavaScript libraries such as D3.js. I knew I could create the graphic in Adobe Illustrator, export it and put it into a HTML page, but I wasn’t sure on the best way to manipulate it. I decided to go with..

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How I created a CasparCG HTML5 Dynamic Lower Third Graphic

Intro CasparCG is a piece of playout software. It uses what’s called a “flash producer” to display graphics, meaning that all graphics have to be made in Flash. Flash isn’t something that it popular or useful in 2017. So I had a go at using Caspar’s HTML5 producer to make a dynamic lower third. It..

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